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Reflexology Bali

Salon Treatments

Here at Reflexology Bali, we offer you a unique experience in reflexology treatments that are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Meridian System, the combination of these two specialties is what makes our reflexology treatments different and unique. We use bespoke massage powder as the main medium in our reflexology treatments. Our powder ensures cleanliness and allows very deep kneading for our therapist's sense of pressure point. By the application of pressure to these reflexes using gentle thumb/finger movements, your body’s wellbeing will be influenced. Besides powder, Reflexology Bali also uses essential oil on request.
Reflexology Bali also provides other wellness services such as waxing, full-body massages, and facials treatment. All of our reflexology Bali treatments using a high-qualified product that consists solely of natural components.
Research indicates that many people like to have their bodies massaged because it is enjoyable, stress-relieving, and relaxing. One should note that following our Reflexology Bali session, not only will heal your pain but also your entire body rejuvenated. Book now and get your favorite reflexology treatments!


Reflexology Bali offers a full range of services for nail arts, hair and makeup. Get in touch to discuss our services in detail.
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